• What if the nature of God’s love for you is different than you think?
  • What if it is better, stronger, and more genuine?
  • What if knowing God s love is meant to be the foundation of your life?
  • What if God s love for the world is more intense than you expect?
  • Wouldn t you want to know?

GOD S TRUE LOVE unveils the love of God in a way that can help lead the reader to transformational understandings of self, God and others. Receptive hearts will be inspired to abide in the love of God more fully, share the unfathomable quality of the personal love of God, and see the value of the people around them with new eyes. It presents an uncompromising interpretation of God s radically specific love for humanity. God s True Love zeros in on the love of God in thought provoking ways that often challenge commonly accepted perspectives. This material is the perfect aid for those who desire to journey into the deeper depths, higher heights, and abounding breadth of the measureless love of God.